Friday, May 19, 2006

The power of Java ...

The power of Java - with this the conference of JavaOne began on 16th May. It talks of Java and only Java from mobile to biggy servers.

Sun believes on the simple funda of Darwin, as Darwin said, it's not the strongest organisms that win, it's the most adaptable.

Asking Jonathan of Sun, how Sun monetizes Java, he replied "you want to know how I feel about Java, my view is it's changing the world - standardizing the plugs and rail gauges and containers used by global internet players. Its momentum, in my view, is unstoppable. What's that worth to Sun? Give it your best shot. When I do, I say most of our revenue is derived from Java. Just like most of Verizon's revenue comes from handsets. Even though the economics of the handset look baffling (but I dare you to recommend to Verizon that they stop selling them). Those that believe free software or service yields lower revenue don't understand the economics or dynamics of the software industry. Think Google or Yahoo!, not Maytag."

The 2006 JavaOne Conference gives attendees unmatched opportunities for learning and making professional connections. This year's conference includes approximately 300 learning sessions. The general sessions feature an impressive roster of industry luminaries discussing the latest developments in their Java technology-based initiatives.

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