Saturday, May 20, 2006

AJAX - An idea can change the way !

Asynchronous JavaScript with XML - The term was originally coined by James Jesses Garrett of Adaptive Path to describe the shift in development from Webpage-based Web applications to data-based applications.

Very clear with the words, AJAX is not a programming language, its simple a development technique for creating interactive web application.

The AJAX technique makes web pages more responsive by exchanging data with a server behind the scenes, instead of reloading an entire web page each time a user makes a change.
With AJAX, web applications can be faster, more interactive, and more user friendly.
Ya, while talking of AJAX how come someone leave without taking the name of Google which makes the AJAX megahit. Google hottest applications are using AJAX like Google Gmail, Google Map, Google Chart. Not only this how come others be so slow in race. Flickr whole development in AJAX.

But the real problem comes when techology grows and what is with AJAX ?
Ummm ... JavaScript naaaaaa !! Programming in JavaScript is a real pain. But but but ... company like Google is using this technology, how come it be painful. Yes, Google is going to provide developers with a simpler way to create Ajax applications. The Google Web Toolkit (GWT) released this week is a framework that converts a standard Java application into Ajax that will work in all browsers.

Google don't want to continue this hot technology with Java Script. Google developers itself had to spend more than a month to run Google Map in Apple's Safari.

GWT works with any standard Java IDE (define) to convert a full-blown Java application to JavaScript, while paring down the application and removing classes and functions not allowed in the more restricted browser environment. JavaScript applications, for instance, don't have access to the computer's file system, while Java does.

A lot of Java developers don't know JavaScript, so GWT will be a real help in building Ajax applications, said Dick Wall, principal software engineer for New Energy Associates, a division of Siemens. Wall is also a member of the Java Posse and the group has been discussing GWT a lot on its Podcasts from Sun's JavaOne conference this week

People look to Google as an Ajax community leader because of its success with Maps, Calendar and Gmail, so anything they do will warrant a lot of attention and hopefully encourage more Ajax development.

Some patches are still left to fix like to run it on native Mac OS. But we all will see GWT soon in market. Lets see , Is this technology is going to make a difference !

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