Saturday, May 20, 2006

Open Source, I am talking about solution!

If I ask any tech. freak that tell me the most readily available thing today! No doubt the answer goes in favour of codes!

Except Microsoft Operating System, I don't think any piece of code left that is not available on net, of course free. Linux revolution and an idea "My Source, Your Source - Open Source" changed the whole business demands.
A recent survey found 52% of companies are replacing Windows servers with Linux servers. But the biggest thing business has to learn from open source is not about Linux or Firefox, but about the forces that produced them. Ultimately these will affect a lot more than what software you use.

Yes, Sun is going to organize 1800 free seminars this year. So for those in attendance tomorrow, thank you for joining us - at what's become the world's largest free and open source software developer conference. Believe me, there's a huge tent waiting for you - I just walked the main hall, and you could fit a few Space Shuttles in the place.

Don't tell me that you will not buy this software even they cost some bugs:

But this is the beginning of Story, the great battle begins in between all the open-source software. Till you think for a idea, somebody already deployed it and really market is flooded with these ideas.

I remembered the last line of the movie Antitrust: "Human knowledge belongs to the world". Can we make a difference?

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