Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Open Source,No Doubts said Sun CEO

Happy Birthday to Java, Yes today is the Java 11th foundation day. On 24th May 1995 Java official declared by Sun. See what going on in Sun:

A biggy step taken by Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz - The Java programming language, the pillar of business computing, will become open source.

"It's not a question of whether, but a question of how" Jonathan said last week at the JavaOne Conference. He added " Open Source Java would attract more developers, a win for the large Java community in its competition with Microsoft and .NET environment. Also, each time Sun asserts ownership of Java, some of the Java community(including IBM) , get restless.

In reply with the question "Who will manage open source Java code", he replied " Yes, Sun will be picky about who watches its baby. Apache Software Foundation, an early host of Java-related open source projects, is a natural home. But they won't tolerate corporate medding. or even JCP (Java Community Process) itself.

That was really a deadly step taken by Sun. Yesterday Sun is the leader of the technology and from tomorrow Sun is the competitor of its own development.

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Yogee said...

It's noting but fear of .net !!

Vaibhav said...

Its not the fear its all about the mindset.