Friday, April 18, 2008

Review of uCertify

Long time, no blogging ! But I am back :-).

Last month I got the honor to review some of the packages of uCertify. A very nice site to prepare for Java certification. I have reviewed SCJP 5 Package questions.

- The Great part: The questions stand on right level of difficulty and match with the standards of the actual certification exams. It has been more than 2 years since I gave my SCJP exam. And I find the uCertify questions analogous to the main exam, neither easy nor too tough.

- I have seen lot of questions covering new topics like autoboxing, new FOR loop, Generics and many more. Good stress is made on threading questions because this is the one area where you need to apply logic directly in the exam.

- Navigation of the questions was a little difficult. In the main exam, the questions numbers are displayed like an index on the top, you could just click and go to a particular question.

- Explanation of answers is good. I feel there is some scope for improvement. My personal opinion: practical examples will make us comfortable + are quick to understand.

- Here goes the tagging, I love it ! You can assign your own tag for questions and then you can make a customized paper from those tags. Weaker part, more practice :)

Ah good recap of my exam days. I feel like giving the certification exam again :-) I am again very thankful to sites like uCertify and Whizlabs which provide a good deal of questions and make the life little easier for aspirants

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Anonymous said...

hi, I purchased scjp exam question from ucertify. I found a lot of technical blunders. It was really frustrating for me. Because I am a student and i paid $89.99 for a worst thing. I asked ucertify team members but nothing happened. I don't know how you have seen this prepkit better for candidates.

Sorry for my bad English because I am from Russia.