Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Image to Polygon

Java 3D and Java 2D image package is now strong enough to do any job. Weeks back I was looking at the morphing support by JavaFX, which is quite awesome. But I want to morph the images not shapes. Morphing an image is possible because Image in nothing a mixture of lot of shapes(at least mathematically :) ). So, I have decided to start working for Morphing of Images like Tiger getting converted into Man or Car getting converted into Horse. The basic idea is we need to convert Images into its Polygon form. First concentrating on 2D images(how funny, images are only 2D). 3D conversion is no doubt a tough job but do-able in Java, which demands for high efficient algorithms.

So, the basic need is to convert a 2D image into connected dots which can tell me something about shape. Looking those dots, I can guess this is a dog skeleton. I have seen some of 3D effort on net:


But how about making a cool polygon-ization in Java :). Raising same question on Java Developer site leads me to the conclusion that we can go ahead and do this work. I will post more details on this as the work will progress.

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Anirban Deb said...

see http://www.geocities.com/prizmaweb/morphing/morph.html