Wednesday, March 07, 2007

JDK 1.7 - Whats New ?

I remember the exact date when Mustang got released. Mustang is going great because of it's deadly features like JS support, Annotations and many more.

Moving forward to JDK 1.7-Dolphin which has a expected release in 2008! Whats new ?

I am making a complete presentation on Dolphin and will upload it soon ! Proposals are:

1. SuperJAR's - this is something really cool

2. Co-bundling with other language interpreter like JRuby, Jython.

3. Closures in java - something in one line we can understand local variables for a function - kept alive after the function has returned

4. More enhancement with Java Persistence API

and many more ...

The new JDK comes into a new flavor of open source, so get ready >


Bipin "3~" Upadhyay said...

I was thinking of a post on Dolphin too.
Some features I heard and would like to have are:
1. Super Packages (or something like that).
2. Type inferencing
myClass := new MyClass();
instead of
MyClass myClass = new MyClass();

I must add that Closures, in my opinion, would do more harm by complicating the language.

Vaibhav said...

Ah Bipin, look at the poll results :

Bipin "3~" Upadhyay said...

Looks like everyone is going nuts :)

...and what is it with "Removal of deprecated APIs" ?
They already broke a fair amount of code by intorduction of "enum" keyword. What else now?

Moreover, I hope they concentrate on simplifying the language instead of making it more complex.

Vaibhav said...

Actually there is a tag of war going on about this deprecated API. Some ppl want that deprecated API should be removed after 1 version ahead whereas some want to say that it should be removed immediately.

What you say ?

Bipin "3~" Upadhyay said...

It will break lots and lots of code.
And this will obviously result in some of the junta moving away from the Language.

What are your views bhaiya?

Vaibhav said...

No see the other way, they will help ppl moving fast on newer version !

renmat said...

closures, more n more weird syntax,write java in native hieroglyphics ... bring it on :-) .... so ppl can write code that doesn't need obfuscation ... all i wanted was a better error message for the "NullPointerException" ....
we will see more ex-java developers ...

Vaibhav said...

ha ha that's right !

Anonymous said...

N00BS !!!

Sameer said...
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Sameer said...

Closures concept should be welcomed and adapted. Syntax may be a bit awkward but soon programmers will adapt it. As for it relaxes the pain of writing interfaces and anonymous classes.