Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bug Patterns in Java

An attitude of solving the problem when it aroses is always be so called " a lovely" behaviour of Software Engineers and so I. Most of us love this and never bother to read book :) . Anyway with a half-hearted mind, I start reading a book "Bug Patterns in Java". In the first glance name of the book suprised me becasue I never before saw a language book which discuss only about bugs. I liked the title and started the book. Also, as java becomes a mature product, a maturity of something around 11-12 years, resolving any bug of this language is a nightmare's job.

Author,Eric Allen started with a very macro level saying every bug falls under a pattern and if not then go ahead and make a pattern for it :). Let me tell you about one of the most common patterns. One pattern call "Rogue tile", the cause of this bug is we do copy paste of code, bug get fixed in the orignal copy and we forget to fix it into the copy paste code. So funny, but yes this is one of the most common errors we used to do.

So far, so good. Hoping for something great out of it :)


ubuntu said...

give the book to me too after you read it

Vaibhav said...
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Vaibhav said...

Ya sure Priyanshu !