Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Today I was thinking of all the games I used to play in my school time. And side by side I was also looking at the advancement of Game Programming. More or less all the Game which I used to play on paper and pencil are now automated and I can play on Computer with screen, mouse and keyboard.

I can remember one of the my favourite game that not seems to automated (I guess). The game is something like this:

We call it "Army Man" Game or "Tank" Game. On top and bottom of a paper, we have 3-3 army men like



You can force any armyman at anytime to move, but it should be one at a time. He will fire a bullet, that we used to do by sliding the pencil. And then you need to put a dot on the end of his path,that is, the path covered by pencil. Now its the time of other side army man to fire the bullet. Sameway you can dot his path. Both need to do this till one of them intersect the path of other. This game is looking very simple, but actualy its not. You need to put your head, when to go defensive and when to go aggresive. Also when both the teams are going straightway, you can go aggesive but if you missed, other will kill you.

Game finished, Rub the paper and start again. Best time to play this game was our Geography class :D


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