Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Java is Slow ?

Are you feel anything bad about Java ?
Ya, its damn slow.

This is a inherited sentence from someone, not a self-checked statement. Our teachers used to say so, and so our seniors and so we.

Today, I was compiling some of the native API's where the function body is actually a CPP or C code. Just came across a paper " .P.Lewis and Ulrich Neumann Computer Graphics and Immersive Technology Lab University of Southern California " regarding the performance of Java against C++. There are many things to surprise of.

Let me discuss few of them:

1. Java performace is comparible to CPP and in some cases better than CPP. Not only this its improving ... !
Operation Units C Smalltalk Java
Polynomial 10th degree msec. 1.1 27.7 9.0
Neville Interpolation msec. 0.9 11.0 0.8
LUP matrix inversion sec. 3.9 22.9 1.0

2. Java performance at the time to be somewhere in the middle of C compiler performance - faster than the worst C compilers, slower than the best.more recent java(1.4) and gcc(3.2), using full optimization.This time java is faster than C the majority of the tests, by a factor of more than 2 in some cases...

And in theories YES, many reasons:

It's most Adaptable, not the most Powerful, who survives ! :)

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