Monday, May 12, 2008

Nimbus Look And Feel !

Good news for all the user, using JDK6. Though I am little late in writing blog on this but its OK ;). JDK6 current update comes with a new L&F(Look And Feel) called Nimbus.

Nimbus provide more lively look and feel in Swing UI. Here are some examples:

Default Look And Feel(Click to see enlarged mode)
Nimbus Look And Feel((Click to see enlarged mode)

Since the image is little small and related to my Online Java Project(which I can't change), so I provide another example here from my last blog code.

Default Look And Feel
Nimbus Look And Feel
Something more interesting is focus traversal on components. For Default L&F, you can see that there is a dotted rectangle on Button 3, which says "Focus is here" whereas in Nimbus you can see Button 1 with little bluish highlight which says "Look at my focus" :)

Quickest way to try, command line:

Run my previous (or any UI code) with the following option:

java LayoutCheck

Off course, you can do it with code :
Use try, catch and respect Exception handling as well.

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