Saturday, September 16, 2006

J2ME ready for next generation ..

I worked on J2ME for 2-3 months. And believe me no one is going to appreciate this language in 2-3 months. A very bad navigation, bad GUI and the biggest headache is what J2ME Sun Simulator is showing the output is nothing like that when application was putting in real Nokia device.

And my next 2 months I used FlashLite. Again believe me a awesome smooth navigation, too easy for GUI creation and really easy to program.

That time I was thinking why 85-90 percent of the mobile applications are deployed in Java and only one reason I got "All the mobiles are java enabled" and for making mobile Flash enabled we need to spend Rs. 500 (10$) :-).

But gradually I get to know J2ME is a cool platform for mobile application and I need to work more to say that it’s better than FlashLite.


Prem Vikash Upadhyay said...

I think you are right about that point , but the best technology to work with mobile is going to be java because it work good with WMl and XMl but instead if Microsoft could think again about that too, i think .net technology is going to be best of all as .net has all that specification enabled to be, and Microsft VM is best in that purpose, because of it feasible and attractive features.
DLL technology that Microsoft as now using is based on the compiled program that take only 50% of the time that Java JVM take, and neither the less, CLR is best in the industry, all the four piller in which >net is stsnding is quite best in that industry, as java has only one of all that four features.
As myself prem vikash upadhyay , and i am also working with J2ee technology for about 1.5 years.

Prem Vikash Upadhyay said...
Go for that URL