Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bad One ...

Week back, I cleared my Sun Java Certification. Score was bad enough to be mentioned here. 2-3 days I spent in thinking the reason for my bad performance !

There are many :) !
Abhishek, who also went with me for the exam also not able to score a good one, told me that enough of delay is one of the biggest factor for the bad performance. Agreed !

I was preparing for it from last 3-4 month and I guess 1 month back I was on the peak of the excitement for the exam and that was the best time to deliver it.

Anyway nothing to sorrow, but of course have to learn from my stupid decisions.

Thought to start preparation for SCWCD, but its better to have a rest ! Transferring to mumbai, I don't think so I will get chance for preparation but I will do my best for it !

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